how to play my little pony collectible card game

My Little Pony storage tin to hold all the pieces!
This article is divided into three sections: section, well go over what each player needs to play the game and how to set up the play area.A, problem Deck consisting of exactly ten, problem cards, with no more than two copies of a single Problem.Problem Deck : Where a players Problem Deck goes, and the only other area where Friends can handheld casino game jar be played/moved.The set includes a My Little Pony Spirograph ring and 6 precision Spirograph wheels.Best of all, the set features a travel-friendly.Shuffle the rest of the cards in the Problem Deck and place them face-down on the Problem Deck section of the play area, then place the Starting Problem face-up on top of the Problem Deck.Friends, Events, Resources and, troublemakers.The goal of the game is to be the first player to have a score of 15 quina lotto or more points.
In the, other Examples section, well go over gameplay situations not covered by the Example Game section on a case-by-case basis.
Place your Mane Character card in your Home, with the Start" side face-up.Welcome to the, how To Play section of the MLP CCG Wiki!In the, example Game section, well follow casino play free games online two fictional players through the first few turns of a game, explaining common occurrences along the way.Action Token Area: Where a player can keep track of how many action tokens they have available.My Little Pony stationery pad, design guide, and Spirograph drawing set.Discard Pile : Where cards go when they have been dismissed or discarded from the players hand/draw deck.Other Requirements, edit, in addition to their cards, players will also need: Tokens, counters and/or dice that can be used to represent action tokens, exhausted characters, and more.Ages 5 and.