how to make money playing music note symbol

There are companies online that sell presets for NI Kontakt, NI Massive, Vanguard and other software programs.
There are get rich quick schemes out there too that try to preach to you how you can sell your beats quick-n-easy!my name is Cato and I pretty much run the blog side of this site.Pharrell Williams Working on Despicable.We set up this site to directly license our music to customers and build a relationship with them as we felt frustrated by the high commissions other sites took from us per sale and the secrecy surrounding who we were selling our music.Follow trends and use your musical strengths to write the best stuff you can.You need (and should want) to meet the people you are going to work with whether thats online or in person at events.
With that last point, Im talking from the perspective of the composer, not just the record labels and publishers as it ends up being a race to the bottom which means we all suffer. .Yet after trying that for a few months, youll probably realise its a load of cobblers.Onsite, artists, labels and creators can upload content to the RouteNote catalogue and enter into a non-exclusive agreement permitting us to distribute their music to a worldwide audience.If it doesnt sound on a level with what you hear (be honest then ask yourself why.You can offer an hourly rate or flat rate for mixing down final songs.Two heads are better than one!YouTube Video Tutorials If you have knowledge to share, share it on YouTube.Where can I sell my music?Nielsen on 9th April 2014 Google is the way of the future.