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Feeling sorry for what he had done, UFO-man blames their deaths on the monster and promises to bring them back to life by lending them his power.
J.Turner Back to top Gurren Lagann Level 1 * Well Met, Everyone - Near the end of the episode, a young lady appears gigantic thanks to holographic technology, urging them to cease fire in a battle that they can't win because of a powerful energy.The three then proceed to destroy the city while they are trying to stop Mojo Jojo, forcing them to think of more strategic methods to both stop Mojo and return to normal size (although as the ending of the episode shows, they return.It isn't until one of them uses lightning to shock her that ends her giant watery form, decent if not pretty water giantess, a good pov shot of her foot as she brings it down to stomp on the dude and theres even a handheld.Powers include flight, a sword that fires pink bolts that cause mind control, a flamethrower in the pelvis, and constricting hair.This series is heavy on the GTS, every chapter has Mana and Makoto together doing something!At 48:45 of the movie, three tiny fairies come in and, after swirling around Mariposa (played by Barbie cast a spell that allows her to fold her wings down to a dress.
YouTube video of part 2 of full episode (starting at GTS scene).
Miho, Taro, super bowl teaser bets and Akiru get caught in a heavy rain.
But he's very short and thinks he doesn't stand a chance.But there are downfalls, and these (on top of the fanservice and innuendo) have contributed to this show being heavily criticized by the GTS community since release.Vcwax-tiepMo t13s sngryukison Back to top Sabrina: The Animated Series Level 0 * Shrink to Fit - Sabrina and her friend, Chloe, cast a spell so they can lose weight to get into some fancy new jeans.Nodqfan Back to top Kekkaishi Level 0 * Shikigami Chocolate Battle - Yoshimori as a cake lover is obsessed with the legendary chocolate cake that his dad mentioned to him that is offered secretly slot madness no deposit bonus codes may 2015 to only 7 people at 5 AM at a specific cake.Watches as Taffy and Mochi (both as giantesses) talk about a couple things, slot machines to play 77777 like the CDs they bought recently.Cubed Cinder Back to top Attack on Titan Level 1 * Episodes 17-25 - Starting with episode 17 and continuing until the end of the anime (episode 25 the Female Titan makes brief appearances attacking the small people that she confronts.YouTube video of full episode.Screencaps ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ) from Jackurai.After that she wakes.