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Tip: If you aren't pressed for time, the divers have a "performance" each day at 1:00.m.
This was no cruise ship.
Jeju is honda classic prize money payout an eclectic mix of Korea and the West.
Get off at the last stop (the bus will turn around and prepare to travel back to Seogwipo).If you're lucky enough to make it here during one of the summer months, do a dive for me!It is conveniently located right on Route 1 of the Jeju Olle Trail.A one-way trip from the mainlaind to Jeju can cost anywhere between KRW30,000/1700 INR - KRW60,000/3500 INR.We hopped from rock to rock, and dodged selfie sticks to get up close and in the mist.Thankfully we had already taken pictures, so we scurried back down the steps before the fog became too thick.Admission: 2,000 won When we reached the bottom of the stairs, we saw a small, black sand beach that was begging to be explored.Tips for taking the ferry to Jeju: Bring your own food and alcohol (if you want a really good time!) on board.The island is blessed with beautiful weather, lush forests and a number of volcanoes to top it all off.What to do in South Korea's favourite getaway.From the bus stop, it is about 1 km walk.
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Having been to both, I can assure you that they are about as similar as a watermelon is to a grape.We would love to hear about your travels in Jeju below!Follow the path around a small peninsula (getting good glimpses at the Oedolgae cliff) and look for stairs heading down on your right.And the water - that turquoise water - made me weak in the knees. .Pretty badass if you ask.Many visitors prefer to rent cars while visiting Jeju, and I don't blame them.