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While most people use a small basic set of stats, hotel near casino singapore there is an incredible array of new stats that are built into HM2.Your imagination is about th eonly limitation on the situational filters that you can set on the combinations of position and betting lines for an opponent.New online mobile gambling vegas design for HUD pop-up's is very clean, intuitive and visually pleasing.Example, two queens against random hand from a set: AA-77, AKs-AJs, AK (top 12) wins.67.Calendar Software that allows you to schedule appointments, use as a desktop calendar, create photos (photo calendar software free images, plus much more.YouTube channel dedicated to all types of training videos related to HM2.Facebook and follow @HoldemManager on Twitter.
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Change your HUD based on what street the action.
What's in Hold'em Manager 2, a completely new interface gives you an unprecedented amount of information and control.Video Resources: hmtv is build into the HM2 Home View and we also have.Software, you can even create calendars using your own digital.There is an option to use new mini-charts in the HUD rather than traditional stats.Widgets are 100 free.Currently there are over 1000 stats in HM2.All reports, including those newly added, have a standard view and a graph view.