Which means that technical climbers who technical climb the face of half dome could come down the sub dome stairs.
Backpackers Permits, while most people do Half Dome as a day hike, you can also apply for Half Dome permits while you are making a wilderness permit reservation.
You can bring an extra pair of socks and shirt to change into at the top.
They move to a new city every year and currently live in Portland, Oregon.Half dome hike, total Distance:.35 miles (24.7 km) up Mist Trail, down John Muir Trail.The granite dome itself is lotto pick 3 how to play a lighting rod and the rock can get really slippery.Reproductions are strictly prohibited.It's not directed at you.We cant speak from experience here since we had permits and didnt witness anyone on the trail doing this.If you do camp there, be sure to bring your own lock for the bear locker!You can call us at 209/372-0826 (Monday-Friday, 9 am to noon and 1 pm to 4:30 pm, March through early October).Word on the street trail is that since most people get four permits and they dont always use all four, you can wait at a permit checkpoint to see if you can join a group.
When youre ready, apply online here or call 877.444.6777.Seuss on your summit day.I'm editing my post because I saw that you and I were posting at the same time.Applicants will receive an email with lottery results in mid-April (or can get results online or by calling Recreation.If you have any more questions, you can find more info for Half Dome permits here or ask us in the comments section below!Its a long hike to the checkpoint, so this one is a gamble (but the hike itself is beautiful too).

If you are planning on hiking to the summit of Half Dome on any day from May 22 to October 13, 2015, you will be required to obtain a permit to access the Sub Dome and cable portions of the Half Dome trail.
And as someone who received a federal parking ticket once in a np I know these can be high) state that anyone using any part of sub dome or the HD cables musy have a permit.
The second fee is 10 per person and is charged only when you receive a permit.