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1 NT 2 2 (If suit mandy moore pokies fits) 4 (If suit does not fit) 3 NT 2 rebid from opner shows his 4-card major suit.
After 2: 2NT Exactly 5 spades, invitational to game.
Playing Mini-splinters is not that common and certainly would have to be agreed.If opener's 4-card major suit is not same as responder's 4-card major suit, responder's rebid is.Responder lacks the strength for a positive response.The 5NT bid promises that all of the 5 keycards and the Queen of the agreed suit are accounted for.October All About Minor Suits October 3rd Minor Suit Transfers After 1NT October 10th Bidding After Agreeing Minors (Stoppers) October 17th Minors or No-Trumps October 24th Inverted Minor Raises October 31st Contested Minor Suit Raises November Competitive Bidding Situations November 7th 1NT (X) and Escape.Forcing to game 3/3 Smolen (forcing to game with 4 of the suit bid and 5 of the other major) 4NT Invitational to 6NT.Most players play weak twos these days but the strong two capability is built into Benjamin twos (see section 2).It is similar to the DAB but the Western cue generally asks for a full stopper whereas playing the DAB a stopper is enough.Responder must have 4 cards in hearts.
Avoid Stayman if you have less then 8 points.Primarily used to find a minor suit fit after a 1NT opening.If responder's next bid is 4 of a major, he is promising a singleton or void in that suit 3NT Signoff 4 Gerber 4 Texas Transfer (Promises 6 hearts, opener must bid 4) New suit rebid by responder is a cuebid.It is fairly popular in the UK but most players play 3 as some form of Stayman in this situation.But there is an 'improvement' on this where the 5 and 5 bids are reversed (1430).Opener's bid Responder's bid Opener's rebid Responder's points Responder's rebid Description of the responder's (partner who initiates transfer) rebid 1NT 2 2 Invational values 2 Responder rebids spades if he has 5-5 majors with invitational values 1NT 2 2 Game values 3 Responder rebids.These links detail a scheme for combatting these two conventions.This was the first Acol textbook, its authors wisely disclaiming originality: "We do a job of reporting." It had a famous Preface, "Attitude of Mind" by Skid Simon.Also, opponent's opening lead toward the tenaces at the strong hand, may provide an additional trick.Also, it explaind when you should double conventional overcalls (and the answer is not 'stolen bid'!).

The Stayman is used in response to NT opening.
Inverted Jordan 2NT over partner's 1-minor opening When partner opens a minor, RHO doubles and you have a limit raise for partner's minor, then it may be preferable for partner to be declarer in an eventual 3NT contract.