Continue asking questions until they have all been exhausted.
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For every question she gets right, she will get a piece of chocolate for later (or a 5 gift card.Calling all brides and bridesmaids: This is the best bridal shower game.Which one of you is better with money?What was your first date together?Where was bride born?You dont want the bride to feel like she doesnt know the groom at all.Brides, be prepared to pass this on to your maid of honor or whoever is planning the games for your shower.
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What is grooms favorite holiday?All original images are also owned by this site.I will never send out more than one email every week california lottery payout schedule (and right now its more like once a month).Which one of you is better at dancing?Bobbie Gross, not to burst your bubble(gum) Questions for the Bride and Groom.Everyone will be watching her look silly, and that makes some women uncomfortable.