fun flash card games

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Divide the students into two teams.
Two students go first and face away from the teacher.When the S finally sees his/her partner's card s/he has to shout it out to become the winner. .Charades is a fun game for people of all ages, including school-age kids!Variations: change directions, speed rounds, have many objects going round at the same time.Speed lines: Have the students in two lines facing the teacher. .Students form two teams standing in a line. .W Window Game: You can only do this if your classroom has a window that you can stand outside of and look into the classroom (don't try this on the 10th floor!). .Have students jump and say the flashcard they land next.
The number it lands on is the card they say out loud.
"hamburger and the students have to explain that word mexico redundancy payout to their team member (e.g.Whether your classroom is equipped with a computer and projector or not, laminated flashcards are a simple, old-school, and excellent tool to get your students engaged and learning.G Give Me Game: You can use with flashcards or objects. .Divide students into two teams.That child then passes the card through his/her legs to the next person in line.They are also accompanyed by lots of materials.Call out the picture or word that is on one of the cards.For more ideas, check out our 22 Flashcards Games handbook (pdf).Mr Wolf, eSL Flashcard Game - Listening and Speaking - Elementary - 10 minutes.