Check out the pages below, which will explain the history and background of Keno, the basic rules, an explanation of the odds and payouts, and suggest a way to devise a winning Keno strategy.
This free game gives you dollar;1,000 in play money credits - and as long as you want to practice the game!
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If you are curious to learn how to play Keno then playing a free Flash Keno game is a great way to get started.The game below is an html5 (NO download) version.Keno payouts, the payout table in Keno is organised according to spots or successful matches.Live Keno is still not impossible to find and casinos such as Flamingo and Bellagio are keeping the tradition alive by providing their visitors with both of the Keno variants.Once the players decide on the numbers, they will submit their tickets and chips to the cashier, who will in turn provide them with a ticket copy.If you have to ask, you clearly have not tried.If there was no matches at all, some casinos offer a bonus play.Start every day with lots of free coins!
Keno is played using a Keno card.
In order to take you from beginner through to expert player, we've put together a comprehensive Keno guide, that tells you everything you need to know.Online Keno guide, keno is probably the simplest game in the casino.Players mark off anywhere between 1 and 20 different numbers on their Keno card.We give you huge daily coin bonuses every day!Some casinos may limit the amount of numbers that can be selected to 1 though 10 numbers, 12 numbers, 15 numbers or any other amount.