forty below card game

Forty Below is a suspenseful and fun card game for 2-6 players.
Only the new casinos for australian players 5 is worth 10 points.
This is the dealer's choice.
First and third place prizes are either split, or the deck is cut, or there is a play-off.This means that a player discards the kitty and is dealt a single card which they must declare as trump.Players have one of three choices for each of their turns, they may: -Reveal one of their 6 cards that has not yet been revealed OR; -Take the top card from the deck and either replace one of their 6 cards or discard that card.Points are added from round to round until a player or team reaches 120 and wins If the bidder obtains or exceeds his bid his score increases by that amount, if he fails to reach his bid his score is reduced by the amount.Non-trump aces are the highest ranking non-trump cards regardless of the colour of the suit (common rule in New Brunswick/Nova Scotia).He then takes the hand dealt face down in the centre of the table and chooses his best five cards from the combination of the two hands.Watch for chain reactions.
In the GHA there are also weekly gatherings at the 50 Hall, Prince William.The first player to reach 110 wins the game.In many areas outside of Canada, Auction Forty Fives is simply referred to as Forty Fives.If any of the players is dealt the ace of the trump suit, then he may claim the card that was turned up by discarding one of his other cards.You may want to hold the higher cards that your opponent has, preventing them from discarding those cards.Even if this rule is respected, it is still very uncommon.If the card led is in the trump suit, then each player must play a card of the trump suit if possible.

Placement OF cards, cancel - If a player matches any two cards directly above and below each other (as shown below) the cards cancel each other and therefore result in a score of 0 for those two cards (even -1s -10s).
Traditional Forty Fives goes to a score of 45 points (hence the name of the game).