Gwen was originally just an author, but came on board very early." 40 A July-August 2001 Wayback link to: the authors and stories, click on "Fanfictions" on the toolbar.
From time to time,.Look at hat theyve done to other sites.Expression, expression used when something unexpected happens, and it becomes impossible to guess the final outcome.Like Mangosteen's battle, precision and memory is key.Techno Guy Paul is the first registered user here on the boards, but the first "member" of FA is probably RJ Anderson - she was the first author who wasn't also a mod.This is a potentially serious problem.
Start Over: As the name suggests, you'll have to start over to the beginning of the board game while King Dice laughs at you.
m "Draco Sinister 15 is up!That which seemed certain or foreseeable in the future is now completely unpredictable.66 Fan Reactions to the Move to AO3 When it was announced in July 2018 that FictionAlley would be "moving in with An Archive Of Our Own many fans reacted with joy and nostalgia to the news.So we took control of our own place, and we started uploading stories all through the month of July, launched it with the novels-focus section, Schnoogle, almost exactly ten years ago this week.Trust me) which will have a splash screen with the 4 "houses" on it, organized like they are on the school crest - mouseover tells you which types of fics are in that section - and from that, you can click on the section you.Chimes will continue to do this until enough damage john hartson gambling is dealt.Chimes will get up and attack.49 Cassandra Claire: A Notable Member Cassandra Claire was an early member, and The Draco Trilogy was posted there after it was removed from.Do they no have permission to use our stories for they own benifit?Last edited on Dec 19 2010.

July 2015: Heidi Tandy blogs about and links to Positive Fandom.