For purposes of this section, a red rock casino offer code member of the licensed nonprofit organization is any individual who holds a full membership in the organization as defined by the organization's constitution, charter, articles of incorporation or by-laws and has been a member of the organization for.
Penalties for failure to comply.
(A) A site system and an electronic dabber must meet the following specifications: (1) A site system must: (a) record a nonresetable electronic consecutive six digit receipt number for each transaction; (b) issue a player a receipt for each transaction containing the: (i) name.
Additional infrastructure improvements also shall include site prep, construction of real or personal property, parking, roadways, ingress and egress, utilities, and other expenditures on the extraordinary retail establishment which directly support or service the aquarium or natural history museum or exhibits.Notice of changes to be filed by manufacturers, brewers, brokers, and certain others; violations.308, Section 4; 1997 Act.Applicant for certificate of registration shall authorize audit and examination of books and records.The operation of the bingo games also excludes raffles as defined in Section.Donation of certain confiscated goods to Department of Mental Health; not to be advertised and sold.If a nonprofit organization intending to operate a Class AA or B license does not contract with an outside promoter, the organization shall designate a member as the promoter.Every person required to obtain a license required under Sections and shall maintain records showing the manufacturers' serial number, model, or type of machine.A quarterly return is required by each manufacturer, distributor, and licensed nonprofit organization or promoter on or before the last day of the month following the close of the calendar quarter outlining those items the department determines necessary to verify the sale and distribution.
A promoter shall obtain a promoter's license for each organization for which he operates bingo games.(A) The department shall charge and retain ten cents for each dollar of face value for each bingo card sold for AA, B, D, and E licenses.449, Section 1; 2005 Act.The transfer of a bingo card or ticket by a distributor to a person other than a licensed bingo promoter or a licensed bingo nonprofit organization is prohibited.If a player has a card with the called number on it, he may use a marker to cover the square which contains the number.Claim of goods; delivery upon bond.387, Section 6; 2002 Act.(I) Gross proceeds derived from the conduct of bingo must not be commingled with other funds of the licensed organization.History: 1962 Code Section 65-734; 1952 Code Section 65-734; 1942 Code Section 2557-3; 1933 (38) 287, 576; 1934 (38) 1439; 1969 (56) 767; 1971 (57) 709; 1980 Act.