Maudella Daugherty ; Mary Davenport ; Robert Philip Dean ; Gladys Dickey ; Rev.
Clay Evans in 2013 and It Is No Secret: The Life and Inspiration of Rev.
Jones, 1990s Photograph.749 Rev.
Wilson, (5 photographs) Photographs.145-1.146 Conferences with city officials, Mayor Richard.Series 5: Art The Art series contains original drawings and paintings of Rev.The Biographical subseries contains portraits of Rev.Posey, 1996 el-bgpp-ums-evans_nd-34 Logo and program shots, undated el-bgpp-rll-evans_f24_02_s1 Mans Needs, Gods Supply!Blakes., el-bgpp-btl-evans_02 What a Fellowship Hour, el-bgpp-uma-evans_ What a Fellowship Hour, Cook County Department of Corrections with Rev.Harvey ; Willie Hill.Evans to include ample performance space for Fellowships choir and recording studio.Clay Evans Archive contains a broad range of materials both physical and digital.Dixon ; Thelma Louise Griffin Dixon ; Allie.Oris Mays, 4 November 1981 el-bgpp-uma-evans_b What a Fellowship Hour, with Rev.
Savage, pastel on paper, undated 2016.19 Portrait of Rev.Stephen Thurston.255 Anthony Tidwell.256 Reynonda and Raina Townsend.257 Jettie Turner.258 Helen Warren.259 Royal Warren.260 Celestine West.261 Rev.Rawls,., leadership and service award, undated Box 1 Folder 16 City of Chicago, Champion of Freedom Award, correspondence and program,.11.4 City of Chicago, Champion of Freedom Award,.11.31 City of Chicago and Mayor Richard.Henry Williamson, el-bgpp-vhs-evans_ (nd-03) Unidentified recording, el-bgpp-vhs-evans_1991_05 (nd-14) Unidentified recording, el-bgpp-ums-evans_ Unidentified recording, 15 September 1991 el-bgpp-vhs-evans_ (nd-06) Unidentified recording, 6 December 1991 el-bgpp-vhs-evans_ (nd-13) Unidentified recording, el-bgpp-rll-evans_f38_a_02 Unidentified recording, Unidentified recording, el-bgpp-btl-evans_ Unidentified recording, 19 February 1995 el-bgpp-btl-evans_ Unidentified recording, el-bgpp-btl-evans_ Unidentified recording, el-bgpp-btl-evans_.You may have been in one of those families with lots of rules - you can't stay up late, you can't watch too much TV - or you may have been in a family with relatively little regulation.Repository: Chicago Public Library, Harold Washington Library Center, Special Collections, 400.Processed by: Michelle McCoy, 2017, summary, the Rev.Dates:, size:.5 linear feet, maryland casino hanover 66 art/artifacts, 786 house of fun slot machines kentucky photographs, 267 digital photographs, 32 oral histories and 885 audiovisual recordings.