On appropriate policy anniversaries, index credits are determined on the Index Accounts and applied to your policy s current accumulation value.
Chronic Care If the insured person is diagnosed as chronically ill, the owner may accelerate up to 100 of the death benefit to be paid out either monthly or in a lump sum.
7 Accelerated Death Benefits may vary by state, including waiting periods after issue date, exclusion of Nursing Care Confinement or Chronic Care benefits, Administrative fees, definitions of illness, or discount factors.1 WealthMax Bonus Life Provide a Financial Legacy Single Premium Index Life Insurance 2 Are tax-deferral and building a financial legacy important to you?They do lottery results checker raffle this by maintaining their principles and integrity evident in a trusted insurance company.Phone: (888) 400-5759, equiTrust Life Insurance Company is dedicated to providing you with new financial ideas bonus shares not credited to demat account that will help you meet your specific needs.In a financial plan, they are commonly used as a way to secure a steady retirement cash flow.The Death Benefit may be accelerated upon certification for one of the following events.5,6 Most WealthMax Bonus Life policies will be classified as Modified Endowment Contracts (MECs).Available for ages 50 85, the policy also includes an accelerated death benefit rider to help cover terminal illness, chronic care and nursing care confinement.Nursing Care Confinement If the insured person is diagnosed as chronically ill, is confined to a nursing facility, and the confinement is expected to be permanent, the owner may accelerate up to 100 of the death benefit to be paid out either monthly.Nursing care stay must be at least 90 consecutive days, and confinement expected to be permanent.
4 What If You Need Access to Your Money?
A policy lapse may be a taxable event.Taxable investment assumes.0 interest rone card game rate and a 28 income tax bracket.More like this., Show your clients the most efficient way to create a legacy for their next generation.No Medical Exam or Blood Test.3 Our government has created tax advantages for life insurance that you may not find in other vehicles.Your WealthMax Bonus Life policy gives you access to cash if the insured is diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness through a benefit called the Accelerated Death Benefit, because death benefits are accelerated to help meet health-related expenses during the insured s lifetime.Index Annuities : Here, your interest is factored by a portion of a stock indexs growth.In GA, accelerated amount may be up to the lesser of 50 of death benefit or 250,000.Are you concerned about liquidity to cover expenses in your later years?For a 60-year-old female nontobacco user with a 50,000 single premium, the death benefit will be 103,500 the day the policy is issued.