The Majin mechanic was praised by some fans, and looked down upon by others.
Broly: Second Coming Based on the second movie starring Broly, it was released in the "Baby Saga" GT card expansion, but is, for all purposes, considered a Dragon Ball Z Subset.
Dragon Team and their enemies, and "Energy Combat" cards, which portrays the attacks using ki, used by the Characters.
Other card types in the Z-CCG and GT-TCG included Personality cards (which were used as Main Personalities or Allies Mastery and Sensei Cards.This was the final Starter Deck set released for the DBZ CCG.Usable characters Goku (Base, Kaio-Ken Enhanced, Energy Gathered, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Second Grade, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan God ) Goku (GT) Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 3, Golden Great Ape, Super Saiyan 4 ) Bulma Oolong Yamcha Master Roshi (Base.The Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game was released after the Dragon Ball GT game was finished.6-Star: -Ultra Rare- These cards are, for the most part, incredibly difficult to fleetwood mac greatest hits warner bonus track obtain.Also, nearly every non-Personality card had an Endurance rating, allowing them to "absorb" life cards of damage from attacks.
Other than the change of wording on the cards, the Trunks Saga saw the debut of Mastery cards and the Namekian Style.
The Cell Saga was released in Booster Packs, as well as Hero and Villain Starter Decks.
Traits group a character by species, such as Krillin being a Human, Goku being a Saiyan, or Frieza listed as an Alien.It also introduced the Cell Jrs, which were treated a lot like the Saibaimen, though there were only 3 cards to choose from with two different Level 1 Cell Jrs and a Level 2 Cell.Booster Box : A box of booster packs, usually 24 or 36-card packs.Also introduced was Fusion, which allowed players to remove two specific Personalities from play in order to play a much more powerful Personality.The Dragon Ball Z Collectable Card Game had 11 expansions, each representing a story arc of the anime, such as the Saiyan Saga or the Cell Games Saga.For the trading card game released in 2008, see.It is produced by, score Entertainment, and uses screen captures of the.More information, your browser (msie.0) is out of date.

They decided against making this set a Base set, and chose it as an Expansion instead, primarily due to the card series ending (before moving to GT and the lack of significant personalities available to be used as MPs.
Other cards were ambiguous in nature, declaring such things as "does 1 life card in damage per combat until an energy attack kills." These cards were officially errated on Score's website to fit in with the wording of later expansions.
Willow in the early game) (Big Brain, Giant Robotic Body) Turles Lord Slug (Old, Base, Giant Slug ) Cooler (Base, Final Form) Meta-Cooler (Base, Metal Cooler (nucleus) ) Android 13 (Base, Super Android) Android 14 Android 15 Broly (Base, Super Saiyan, Legendary Super Saiyan ) Paragus.