So even if you dont shop much at either of these two giant merchants, you can buy other retailers gift cards at both places and youll also get the cash back on the front end.
As Discover puts it: Discover will match ALL the cash back you've earned at the end of your first year, automatically.
These are great categories and should be easy for most people to meet the maximum bonus.For 2018, the categories breakdown like this: JAN-MAR 2018: Gas Stations Wholesale Clubs, aPR-JUN 2018: Grocery Stores.Are you planning on utilizing the cash back categories in 2018?Discover Card Help Center, you are here: Please blackjack strategy online quick note, all question links will open in the same page.It's worth nothing that you need to have at least 50 in rewards to redeem your rewards for cash.Many of the deals have restrictions that make them bad deals all around. .Theres a large selection of merchants to choose from and a broad range of categories, which include: Not all gift cards have a 25 return.After you select "See All" you will be taken to the redemption page where you can see how much.Deals are used with specific merchants.Deals that appeared at first to be too good to be true were in fact mediocre at best. .True Cash Back You receive actual cash back at the percentage rates offered, which protects you from rewards devaluation.
Activate starting August 1, 2018.
To figure out if Discover offers any real deals, I picked an assortment of well known brands and compared the Discover savings to the savings I could get by buying the same gift cards at a discount via gift card resellers. .You can still activate the current quarters bonus.Stock up on gift cards.This reward option is face value, so 1 in rewards 1 to spend at the retailer of your choice.Best of all, your Cashback Bonus has no expiration date.Perhaps the holiday quarter is a good time to try.Cashback Bonus Rewards Transfer Partners The Cashback Bonus rewards program does not feature any transfer partners for travel redemption (i.e.