Billie himself has also been a target of law enforcement, including the flamingo bingo game FBI, but nothing has ever stuck, and Billie has never been criminally indicted.
Billie vows to run again, in the next election."I bought Lexuses for everybody he said."If you think of a busy hotel, it's doing 10 million or 15 million a year Allen says.After he was promoted to the office job of menu analyst, the executive chef demanded that he return to the kitchen.There is nothing rock 'n' roll about Hard Rock's operations under Allen.Hard Rock International represents the tribe's biggest effort to diversify away from its seven Florida casinos.
From the East coast they travel 3 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean.
Here to see a list of Florida casino slot machine payback statistics."A busy casino does 20 million to 70 million a month.".It claimed that through gambling the tribe could make 3 million in six months.The four other leaders in the tribal council unanimously voted to remove Billie from office.The hard-charging 56-year-old has helped create unimaginable riches for the 4,100-person Seminole Tribe of Florida as chairman of Hard Rock International and chief executive of the tribe's gambling operations.During his reign as Seminole chief Billie enjoyed considerable riches, including a 47-foot yacht and the use of a small fleet of helicopters and planes, one of which was a jet once owned by Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos.From the west coast the boats travel nine miles out into the Gulf of Mexico.

Bingo, which is considered Class II because players are pitted against each other rather than the house, was already well established on the Seminole reservations in Florida, but then-governor Jeb Bush had no interest in allowing full-on gambling in his state.
The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel Casino Tampa now accounts for 40 of the Seminoles'.2 billion in annual gambling revenues.