Sensory Stimulation: Tap Dance Party Teach your seated residents easy ways for students to make money the basic steps of tap dancing in reality show bingo honor of this birthday of dancer Gene Kelly.
Reminiscing: Hot Rod Music Play fun hot rod music for your residents in recognition of this day of Street Scene, an tops bonus card gas points annual car show in Covington, Virginia.Coordinate with Dining Services to serve tasty desserts for this after-dinner activity to help entice residents to stop by and play.While eating, reminisce with residents about the special treats that they used to enjoy as kids, like toasted marshmallows.Then share how the elderly are treated in other cultures.Sensory Stimulation: Galaxy Chalk Art Assist residents with making their own spiral galaxy chalk art using black construction paper, white chalk pastel, and colored chalk pastel in recognition of this first day of the Perseid Meteor Showers.Use graham crackers, peanut butter and chocolate candy melts, Kit Kat bars, M M's candies, chocolate chips, and pretzel sticks for the fun craft.Reminiscing: Ticket to the White House Reminisce with residents about Vice President Gerald Ford becoming president on this day in 1974 when President Richard Nixon resigned.
Share the history of how the.S.
Exercise: Minibeast Spotting Lead residents on an early morning nature walk to conduct a minibeast spotting in recognition of this International Bat Night.Beforehand, make a batch of cookies to entice visitors to stop by to receive their horoscopes for the day from your resident.Sensory Stimulation: Herb and Spice Playdough Use an electric stovetop to heat flour, water, salt, cream of tartar, and your favorite herbs to make herb and spice playdough for residents to mold on this More Herbs, Less Salt Day.Back to Activity Calendar 30 Birthday: Mary Shelley, English novelist (1797) Blue Hill Fair, a "down-to-earth" country fair in Blue Hill, Maine (August 30 - September 3) National Sweetcorn Festival in Hoopeston, Illinois (August 30 - September 3) National Toasted Marshmallow Day Crafts: Napkin Pencils Encourage residents to make beautiful pencils.Afterwards, encourage residents to share stories of some of their oldest current friendships and how they still keep in touch.One-on-One: 3-Dimensional Art Use toilet paper rolls to create unique wall art with your resident for her room in honor of this birthday of graphic designer Paul Rand.

Reminiscing: Toasted Marshmallows Celebrate this National Toasted Marshmallow Day with residents by serving oven-toasted marshmallows for residents to enjoy.