How to fruit juice vending machine make tissue flowers Mardi Gras, Carnivale Recycle Crafts Ghostly Juice Box Noismakers Juice box, popsicle stick and recycle materials make this ghastly ghosts.
A great multi holiday craft.
Directions Make a Memory Box or Memory Greeting Card Perfect for Father's Day, Mothers Day, Anyday!
Sounds like a real rain stick!Keep playing until it is obvious who will end up with the most candy - that's your winner!Popsicle Stick Ornament Try this happy ornament!Earth Pinata This is perfect for earthday or an earth Party.Valentine heart from recycled egg crates.Recycled Tuna Can Basket Basket (could also make a Bunny for Easter Recycled most lottery wins by one person Tuna Can Snowman Basket (could also make a Bunny for Easter, ghost for halloween, etc) Planetpals Exclusive!A Not only can you make it-you can float.Use string or fishing line to hang.Paper Towel Roll Cupid Recycle Craft so Cute!
Make an Origami star ornament from paper squares.
Make the gloves above and you have a costume!Perfect for the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria-Columbus Day Planetpals Recycle Holiday crafts Winter / Christmas / Chanukah / Eid / New Years Themes and Holidays Recycle Crafts: Christmas Winter Planetpals Eco Friendly Activities Make a Christmas Card : Exclusive Planetpals card.Teaching experience, we are a mother and son team helping to provide teachers the products and guidance they need to elevate their classroom teaching and success.Recycle Gloves Make Monster Hands Make Halloween corate old garden, rubber or warm weather gloves to make scary monster hands.Milk Jug Halloween Ghosts This is a reuse craft we love perfect it lets kids help with decorating, too!Make a 3 leaf or 4 leaf!This is a great craft for any holidfay symbol-heart for valentines, e your imagination!You can also use paper towel or any tube shaped package.

A paper roll love bug.
Exclusive Planetpals Use recycled materials, trace hand onto recycled paper or cardboard, reduce in a copier.