First Passage to the West.
Rocky Mountaineer Gold Leaf passengers getting the red carpet treatment at Banff.
The scenery soon after leaving Whistler.
Buy Lonely Planet Canada from Buy Rough Guide to Canada from Or buy direct from the Lonely Planet website, with shipping worldwide.Personally, I'd suggest requesting the town-centre Best Western even if you're in Gold Leaf. .Kicking Horse route after the mountain pass it takes through the Rockies, this is perhaps the most scenic certainly the most historically-significant route to choose, as it travels over the famous Canadian Pacific Railway, Canada's first trans-continental line opened in 1885. .If you free game slot machine casino online games can afford it, yes, because of the food, wine, service, and not least, those upper level glass domes give the best all-round view of the Canadian Rockies you can get.15:55 The Last Spike : The train passes Craigellachie, where on 7 November 1885 the last ceremonial rail spike was driven in, completing the Canadian Pacific Railway and linking Montreal to Vancouver by rail. .We wish to give our heartfelt thanks to the doctors, nurses, social workers and staff at the Kelowna General Hospital for their amazing compassion and dedication to our family and Elmer.
Journey to the Clouds: Jasper - Vancouver.You may even see a bear!You can make the journey in either direction, between Vancouver and Banff, a resort town in the Rockies. .Journey to the Clouds timetable fares How to buy tickets What's the train like?Myers (Page Field FL (FMY)Ft.The luggage travels by road and arrives at your overnight hotel before you.

In Quesnel you'll find the longest wooden truss footbridge in the world across the wide and fast-flowing Fraser River - check out the steak house pub on the hill the other side! .