Laura ha preso un gessetto e ha scribacchiato un'equazione alla lavagna.
The party was supposed to start how to make easy money on the internet free at 8 but no one slot car videos video showed up until.
Carnival / circus / mardi gras.
Chalk sth (rub chalk on billiard cue) ( poker league names biliardo ) ingessare vtr, traduzioni aggiuntive chalk (made of chalk) di gesso, in gesso loc agg.A - african, african bushveld, african jazz, african shebeen.Be supposed to do sth (be intended, designed) ( al condizionale ) dovere vtr essere pensato per, essere fatto per vi This pen is supposed to write smoothly even in space.Questa penna dovrebbe scrivere bene addirittura nello spazio.WordReference English-Italiano Dictionary 2018: Compound Forms/Forme composte supposed suppose be supposed to do sth (have responsibility, job) dovere vtr He was supposed to finish the report by Monday, but he didn't turn it in until Wednesday.African tribal, american, animals, arabian, aRMY / prisoner, asian / oriental.
Chalk uncountable (substance used to write on blackboard) gessetto nm, laura grabbed a piece of chalk and scribbled an equation on the blackboard.
Chalk up sth, chalk sth up (rub chalk on billiards cue) ( stecca da biliardo ) ingessare vtr ' chalk ' also found in these entries: In the English description: calcium - chalk up - chalky - sanguine - soft pastel Italiano: gessetto - gesso.
I - indian / bollywood, irish / ST patrick'S DAY, italy / rome.Casino / LAS vegas, celebrities, centre pieces - assorted, chair covers.Oggi pomeriggio dovrebbe nevicare.Fangio ha conseguito un gran numero di vittorie nell'automobilismo.Bond, braziers heaters, british / PUB, c - candle holders, lanterns candelabra.Suppose sth (imply) supporre, ipotizzare, presumere, assumere vtr, the government's policy of privatisation supposes that the private sector is better at running things than the public sector.