While in Focus mode, continue doing trick mods until you reach the maximum time limit.
Bails N' Burns 2 movie: Get a 100 completion in Story mode.
Edit Info, open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, Sloc's Grill serves grilled burgers, wraps, sandwiches and salads.Play as Welder: Get a 100 completion in Story mode.Wall run up the quarter pipe and front tuck onto the catwalk above.East.A.: Tony Hawk's Underground reference: The wrecked train high on the rails reads "thug" westmoreland county casino instead of "thaw".Play as Master Zen: Get a 100 completion in Classic mode.You will come down on another quarterpipe, and at the top of the screen the message "Yuck!" will appear.
Trenton, NJ, New Jersey.Play as Mindy: Successfully complete best casino in michigan reviews Story mode under the easy difficulty setting.Play as Jason Ellis: Successfully complete Story mode under the normal difficulty setting.Downtown: See Chavez: You can see Chavez by the giant fence in the southwest corner of the map.Do as many trick mods as you can before you fall.

Van's Skate Park: Bathroom: On the lowest level there is a door in a corner.
All women in the game wear red underwear.