He feels this threatens to wreck or at least cripple the whole idea.
Dubbed the Russian Las Vegas, the Azov complex has reportedly attracted a hefty 2bn investment.
After July 1 gambling in Russia will be restricted to the countrys four exclusive gambling zones.Last year asati teamed up in its Azov-City endeavor with como jugar casino por internet Casino Austria, a gambling operator.Oleg Kouzbit, Online News Managing Editor.Investors are in a wait and see mode and the prospects do not look promising.He believes international operators would be far more interested in backing Azov-City if the complex had a track record and analysts could project more realistic tourism data.This Marchmont feature highlights one of them, Azov-City in Russias South.Theres reportedly zero construction activity in the Rostov part of Azov-City.The resort of Yeisk is just 50 km away.
It takes infrastructure, it takes understanding how tourists will be brought in here; none wants to visit an empty grasslandwe still dont know if we are expected to build a casino for a hundred people or for a thousand,.
He also publicly stated that infrastructure was firmly in place.According to, Azov-City has only got electricity; a road and a water supply system are still reportedly being designed.Regional officials are scrambling to put on the best face, but all that appears to be happening is that residents have been active in little more than shifting deadlines.Russian Vegas, a dream 7 slot machine zapper of dreams.Gambling moguls have long aired doubts regarding the possibility to create the zones in Russia by July 1, 2009 and asked the RF government to postpone the ban on gambling outside such us bitcoin casino zones until late 2012.Austrias asati, once a golden investor in the Krasnodar part of the project, announced that it was quitting the project last week.In December 2008 construction of Azov-Citys first casino reportedly kicked off.