Section effective until January 1, 2019.
When used in this article the following words and terms shall have the following meanings: (1) The word "wholesaler" means any person who makes the first sale within this State or who sells or distributes any quantity of beer or wine to any other person.The department may promulgate regulations necessary to implement the provisions of this credit.(A) Each person or distributor of cigarettes taxable under this article, first receiving untaxed cigarettes for sale or distribution win real money instantly in this State, is subject to the tax imposed in Section.History: 1962 Code Section 65-805; 1952 Code Section 65-805; 1942 Code Section 2531; 1932 Code Section 2531; 1928 (35) 1089; 1929 (36) 114; 1932 (37) 1493; 1934 (38) 1577; 1935 (39) 282; 1936 (39) 1377, 1591, 1771; 1938 (40) 1799; 1940 (41) 1921.We do not make refunds or exchanges for any unused paper specials.When goods are seized in quantities of less value than one hundred dollars they may be advertised with other quantities at Columbia by the department and disposed of as provided in this chapter.The promoter's license, upon written application to the department, may be transferred to a new location for the remainder of the license period if the licensed nonprofit organization has applied for a location transfer as provided in subsection (B) of this section.Campsite rates include 2 adults / 2 children.An organization or a promoter found in violation of the provisions of this article and assessed additional taxes, penalties, fines, or interest is entitled to a conference upon request.The administrative provisions of Section, wherever applicable, are adopted for the administration and enforcement of the provisions of this article.Code Commissioner's Note At the direction of the Code Commissioner, references to "Department on Aging" and "department" were substituted for "Division on Aging" and "division" to comply with amendments made by 2018 Act.
Proceeds expended within state.
History: 1962 Code Section 65-707; 1952 Code Section 65-707; 1942 Code Section 2527; 1932 Code Section 2527; 1928 (35) 1089; 1930 (36) 1358; 1935 (39) 244, 365; 1937 (40) 539; 1938 (40) 2925; 1967 (55) 555; 1986 Act.
(14) "Master-board" means the receptacle used by the house to display balls which are drawn during the bingo game.The first nine hundred forty-eight thousand dollars of the total revenues derived bulshit bingo from the provisions of this article which is collected from bingo within this State must be deposited monthly in twelve catholic charities casino night equal amounts into an account in the Office of the State Treasurer and.(A) During the benefit period, an amount equal to one-fourth of the license tax paid on admissions to an establishment must be paid by the department to the county or municipality in which the establishment is located.(2) On admissions to athletic contests in which a junior American Legion athletic team is a participant unless the proceeds inure to any individual or player in the form of salary or otherwise.If a player has a card with the called number on it, he may use a marker to cover the square which contains the number.114, Section 1; 1996 Act.