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Then 5NL turned 100 to 200.
The strategy is very in-depth, easy to follow and very methodical and you can tell that a lot of effort has been put into the course.Recently Ive had some very nice scores, with who won thursday lotto one huge one, the biggest of my life so far for 28k.A small buy-in.50 netted me a 2nd place finish with a winnings of 1,303.26.Testimonials and Reviews I also went from 10nl to 100nl and very, very close to 200nl now.After watching the first module, I jumped into a game and felt I had a much better idea of my overall strategy and the adjustments I needed to make.In my opinion, James owns one of the best Holdem training sites out there.Then playing a combo of 10NL and 10NL zoom Ive turned 200 to 345.You will be disappointed if you dont already have a good grasp of advanced poker strategies and you buy this course.But there are a lot of options and you arent sure which to go with.
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Although they are still accepting signups, is not recommended that you join due to the lack of new content.
You can try out this training for free by however, the majority of the choices are locked unless you upgrade to a premium account.PLO Quick Pro Rating Breakdown: Overall Rating Free Trial/Money Back Guarantee : No details given regarding refunds.The warm-ups are designed to help you stay in the zone while on the table.Content Depth Comprehensiveness : Good content depth, lots of topics covered with great detail.Find out more: Here is a great story from Jack Sinclair who started out with the Road To Success only a short time ago: Jack Sinclair at the wsop (left) and the GPC (right) where he finished 8th and 1st respectively for a total.Constructing Reading Ranges 3-Betting Applied Aggression Stealing Re-Stealing Leveraging Stack Size Early, Middle and Late-Stage Play Independent Chip Modelling Mental Resilience more Push/Fold Charts Short Stack Play STTs Bounty Tournaments You can check out the MTT crash course here for.

Accessible price for low stakes players with the essentials pack You can check out a 2-minute intro of each one of their videos before signing up to ensure you enjoy the training.
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