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Massar wasnt nearly as successful as Kaplan at card counting, and was in fact wondering if the MBA graduate would help him out.The m web site is owned by Henry Tamburin, blackjack expert and author of the immensely popular book, "Blackjack: Take the Money and Run" ( 30 off at m ).This site is best viewed in a 800x600 graphics mode, or higher.I highly recommend." MIT Mike (2004 World Series of Blackjack Champion, MIT Blackjack Team Manager) "As a manager of the MIT Blackjack Team I've trained many players, and I have to say that Casino Vérité has no peer when it comes to BJ practice.Luck was in Massars favor because Kaplan had just parted with his former blackjack team, and was looking for a local group to play with.CVShuffle Announcement for details.Unwind and visit LiveCroupier to get the list of the best sites where you can win real money online.
This may be of interest even if you don't wish to create your 2 days to vegas game own counting system as it describes the components of strategies in detail.
Why Invest in Blackjack Software.Discounts and Promotions for BJI Subscribers We've rounded up great savings on blackjack books, software, and other related material.Card Counting Poker Sites A new site containing a free Blackjack book with 130 charts has been created.Find which casinos have the most favorable games, penetration, and rules.Note: Henry Tamburin, Editor of BJI, is retiring.In most cases, blackjack card counters are lucky to gain a 2-4 edge over the house, but with the MIT Blackjack Teams advanced training methods and practices, they reportedly had as high as a 4 edge over casinos (through aid of shuffle tracking).Not only did it fully match, and in some areas surpass, the power and flexibility of our custom simulators, but it made the whole process of evaluating and comparing different games and strategies intuitive, simple, and a downright pleasure to use.Learn How to Play Online Blackjack in the US Legally in this great article.

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