They were the workhorse of their day, and are the most reliable, in my opinion.
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Operators also would send in their out of fashion non-jackpot machines and have them converted to jackpot models.Slot machines that are.If you have one of these.D.Tell us what you think - opens in new window or tab.Just in on consignment lottery district office Nice original 25 cent machine.If you have a machine that works good but is simply faded and ugly I can do a cosmetic restoration including wood, polish and paint.Original finish on castings, tin reel strips, cash box, faux wood finished door, awards card, replacement lock and key.S/N Coin: 10 cent Item # J10-1002 Price: 7500 Additional pictures available by request.1948 - Governor Classy and fun S/N Coin:25 cent Item # J25-1035 Price: 2450 Additional pictures available by request.
Vend0r and gold award parts were acquired and all is working as it should.
This one needs to plug-in to work correctly. .
It is important that the metal back doors pick 3 and 4 ny lottery and top back bonnet are present on these.S/N - 16295 Coin:5 cent Item # J05-1024 Price: 2450 Additional pictures available by request.1962 sega Mad Money Continential Just in on consignment is this original 10 cent sega.Before restoration, nOT FOR sale Serial # 838.If you have this penny machine, contact us today!Below are photos of specific antique Jennings slot machines that we have an immediate demand for purchasing.We will send you a shipping drum with all of the packaging, you simply pack it and we'll have it picked.Mills lock and key with replacement cash box.