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The proposed regs eliminate the safe harbor for property produced under a contract.
We can help you make the most of the new rules for fiscal tax years beginning in 2017 and going forward.
You also could claim 50 bonus depreciation for qualified improvement property (QIP generally defined as any qualified improvement to the interior portion of a nonresidential building if placed in service after the building was placed in service.These restrictions are meant to make sure that the property was bought from an external unrelated source.Recording on Your Business Tax Return.However, due to a drafting error, the 15-year recovery period for QIP isnt reflected in the statutory language of the tcja.This process is known as depreciation, and works in companys favor.The deduction was available for the cost of qualifying new assets, including computers, purchased software, vehicles, machinery, equipment and office furniture.Previous law, under pre-tcja law, businesses could claim a first-year bonus depreciation deduction equal to 50 of the basis of qualifying new (not used) assets placed in service in 2017.This means that an asset that has been used previously but newly acquired by a company would not be eligible for the bonus depreciation since it is not new and a previous user most likely already claimed depreciation on the equipment.Actual self-constructed property isnt subject to the written binding contract mastercard scorecard bonus points requirement.Here are the details of the new provisions: Bonus depreciation doesn't have to be used for new purchases but must be "first use" by the business that buys.Now, the IRS has released proposed regulations that clarify the requirements that businesses must satisfy to claim bonus depreciation deductions.
Further, supply agreements arent treated as written binding contracts until a taxpayer provides the amount and design specifications of the property.As provided in the Act, property acquired under a written binding contract is treated as acquired on the date that contract is executed.Such property is no longer treated as self-constructed property, so the date that the contract is entered into generally is the date of acquisition.Used assets didnt qualify for the deduction.Although the regs are only proposed at this point, the IRS will allow taxpayers to rely on them for property placed in service after September 27, 2017, for tax years ending on or after September 28, 2017.