Our InPlay Clay line utilizes our throwback Cigar Snifter mold, what some insiders in the poker chip industry consider the finest mold ever produced.
Here at m, youll find durable clay poker chips for sale, as well as ceramic poker chips and other popular composite materials. .
If the industry is plagued with bad design, then go outside of the industry for your talent.
From what we can tell, the reason casino chips are intentionally made rough, may be just be based on unsubstantiated notions, or worse yet, just plain habit.We could have stopped right there and still have had what is widely considered the premier clay poker chip on the market today.Additionally, and unique to this style chips, the denominations are printed on the rolling edge of each chip in addition to on the face.You can also purchase them blank, or with designs and denominations already imprinted on them. .The foundation for the Neophyte creek nation casino muskogee oklahoma poker chip is currently what weve found to be the best mid-range poker chip available on the market, which weve substantially enhanced with our classically designed 4-color Laurel wreath and dice silkscreen inlay that comes in 8 denominations.We found out pretty quickly that its the details that count when crafting the perfect clay poker chip.Theyre smooth, but not slippery, which is very important.
While most Vegas casinos still use a clay chip that is a very close relative of our Modern Clay poker chip line, chips just like our Archetype casino chip line are popping up more and more in Vegas as they allow for much higher resolution.They biggest complaints were as follows: The chip edges are too sharp - The most common complaint we heard was that the clay poker chips people were buying for their home games had sharper edges then they remember casino chips having.Create a mold design on par with top casino molds.Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday 10:00AM 6:00PM Central Standard Time.When poker players were telling us they wanted chips, exactly like the casinos use, we took them literally and designed and produced the exact same chips that casinos order, straight from the manufacturer, with the dust still on them.Have them borrow from award winning designs in other design disciplines, as well as completely unrelated industries that are known for great design.Neophyte Poker Chip Line "When it comes to chips, a good place to start is the Neophyte Poker Chip from." - All In Magazine '05 Holiday Gift Guide ( see details ) ( Click here for detailed images ) Samples Chip Stacks Custom Quantity.

The birth of a legend, knowing exactly what home poker players were dissatisfied with in the currently available clay poker chip market, our task was simple.